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Have you ever wondered where your child is? Did he come to school? Did he came home?
With SeeWhere you can see where he is, to be notified when your child arrives or leaves a specific address. At any given moment, you can see where he is.
Your Child lost his phone? You can see where the phone is.
SeeWhere can be set-up once, and then you will start getting notifications about your beloved.

Brilliant Features

Here are several causes that make our application worth paying attention to

  • Tracking

    See the real-time location of your family, friends, employees.

  • Notifications

    Get notify when someone arrive or leave a location.

  • Control the user's phone

    Great features when you have a lost phone.
    Control the sound, make it call you and get the battery usage.

  • User Friendly

    Very simple, very easy and very intuitive

How To Use

  • Settings

    Just fill a passcode for login and your phone number to track other SeeWhere users

  • Connect others

    Connect other SeeWhere users by entering their phone number, wait for approval and start tracking.

  • Add Alerts

    Add to your connected users addresses that you want to track, you can add them by text or by map.

OUR Benefits

  • Peace of mind

    Stop worrying where your beloved one is.

  • Reliability

    You can trust our application to give you the accurate location of your beloved ones.

  • Simple

    No fluff. Nothing should lead the user away from the main essence of the application. There must be just important information.

  • No need for additional accessories

    Use only your device, you don't need to purchase additional accessories.


In our app we try to use only the most modern, convenient and interesting solutions.